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Charleston Area Recreational Departments

Due to the Charleston region's unique geographic location, bridges and bodies of water separate the unique communities. However, collaborative efforts among the recreation agencies are far from being divided. These groups have developed cohesiveness and successful working relationships in providing various region-wide programs and special events. Working individually as departments but collectively as one region, they continue to maximize their resources through “partnerships.” This ultimately allows for more funding to be used directly for the hundreds of youth and adults programs they deliver annually.

Climbing Wall
Charleston County Park Recreation Commission
Phone: 843-762-2172

City of Charleston Recreation Department
Phone: 843-724-7327

Dixie Youth BaseballCity of North Charleston Recreation Department
Phone: 843-745-1028

Town of Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department
Phone: 843-884-2528

St. Andrews Parks & Playgrounds
Phone: 843-763-4360

Swim Team








Charleston Area Sports Commission