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Welcome to the Charleston Metro Area, one of the fastest growing sports travel destinations in the United States!

Charleston Area Sports Commission

Local developers work diligently to produce top-rated national and international sports events for our region every year --- with golf, sailing and tennis leading the way in spectator and media exposure events. Our recreation and amateur event organizers lead the way in participatory sports with over 100 state-wide and regional competitions for a number of traditional and emerging disciplines. And behind the local sports scene, is the Charleston Area Sports Commission – our region's official development agency for promoting the social and economic benefit in which these sports activities continue to produce each year.

Sports events in the U.S. represents a $6.1 billion marketplace. In the Charleston region alone, it is worth more than $50 million annually, with over 200 sports travel events bringing 100 to 40,000 visitors, per event, for an entire travel experience.

On behalf of the Charleston Area Sports Commission and the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, we are delighted you are visiting our community for your sports event. Among the many travel recognitions our historic area receives, becoming an ‘Up and Coming Sports Mecca’ is one in which we are very proud. Your visit makes you one of 5.5 million visitors we anticipate in 2014, and your contributions to our vibrant economy is very much appreciated.

And no matter what municipality your sports event takes place in, be sure to take in the many sites and attractions throughout the entire region. As one of the top visitor destinations in the nation, we understand and appreciate the ‘Charleston Style’ is what we do best and what you will enjoy the most! – Thanks for being a part of our Sports Scene! – CASC and CACVB