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Event organizers recognize that food and beverage (F&B) is one of the most important elements of a successful event, but can easily become a multi-faceted portion of the entire planning process. Fortunately, Charleston is home to more restaurants and caterers per capita than other areas its size. Many of these establishments pride themselves on being sports-friendly and as a collective group, work with over 200 sports events annually. The CASC can help you arrange any of your F&B needs with sports-friendly establishments in the area. Typical activities and functions include the following:

PRE-EVENT F&B Arrangements:
• Event Host Committee or Board planning meetings
• Press announcement or media event
• Sponsor/Fundraising functions
• A “WATCH” party

SPORTS EVENT F&B Arrangements:
• Opening night or welcome event
• VIP/Sponsors: Hospitality dining on-site
• Volunteer: Snacks and meals on-site
• Participants: Complimentary and/or for-a-fee meals on-site
• Teams: Pre-arranged meals on-site, at restaurant, or for delivery at hotel
• Groups: All-inclusive set menu, call ahead seating, or “Dine-Around” options


POST-EVENT F&B Arrangements:
• “Finish Line” celebration
• Awards banquet or presentation
• Volunteer recognition function
• Sponsor recognition function (a pre-event function leading up to next year)








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